Bacaro Kitchen & Wine Bar

In northeastern Italy, a Bacaro is what they call a friendly neighborhood wine bar where the owner greets customers and works the floor, and that is what we do here. Embracing the local neighborhoods of Memorial Villages, we invite you to stop in for a glass or two of wine, cicchetti and freshly made meals.

Don’t expect the same experience here that you would get at a corporate chain restaurant; our focus is on building relationships with our customers and using your input to develop new events, dishes and wine list selections.

Who We Are

Bill and Maria Loveday, along with their children, invite you to join the Bacaro family of valued customers and enjoy spectacular dishes inspired by family recipes.

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Food and Fun

From sit-down wine tastings to extraordinary themed 5-course wine dinners, Bacaro Kitchen offers unique fun for foodies and wine enthusiasts.

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Private Parties

Need a venue for a wedding rehearsal, birthday celebration, or just a corporate get-together? We have just what you are looking for.

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Important!Temporary Close due to Increase in COVID-19 Cases

Dear Bacaro Patrons:

The explosive surge in covid-19 cases in the Houston area has raised our level of concern for the health and wellness of our employees. With an unclear picture on the potential escalation of this surge we have decided to close all operations, including curbside pick-up and delivery, until further notice and allow our employees to practice safe stay-at-home measures as advised by Governor Abbott yesterday.

The unfortunate truth is that businesses and employees have been forced to choose between a risk of exposure and loss of financial livelihood, and so we will continue to pay our employees who have not been previously furloughed until we make any long term decisions. We have been trying our best to protect this business while at the same time making good decisions as members of the community, but it is extremely difficult to compete on an even playing field with more casual and fully-opened operations. At this time, it appears to be an unmanageable effort to find that balance in the face of both rapid re-opening, uncontrolled spread and increases in coronavirus cases.

We will contract and hibernate for the time being and return to Bacaro business at the appropriate time.

We want to thank all of you for your continued support during this time, and we look forward to serving you the Bacaro experience in the future.

Please keep an eye out for any updates!